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Products Specifications

  Price lists for the products from Shib Dass & Sons Private Limited are given below:

  1. Price List for ERW Pipes
  2. Price List for Seamless Pipes
  3. Price List for Seamless Boiler Tubes
  3. Price List for ERW Boiler Tubes


Carbon Steel ERW IBRASTM A 53 Grade A/BLow Temperature Seamless PipesASTMA 333 Grade 6
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes IBRASTM A 106 Grade BLow Temperature Seamless TubesASTM A 334 Grade I
Carbon Steel Seamless Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/68/ Part I/CDS/ST-33Heat Exchange TubesASTMA 179/ AST MA-214
 BS/3059/68/ Part I/HFS/ST-33API Line PipesAPI 5 L Grade B
Seamless Boiler TubesASTM 210 A-1/DIN 17175/ST 35-BM S E R W Pipes1239 Port 1-1979
ERW Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/1978/PART I ERW -320Hot Deep Galvanised PipesIS 1239 Part 1-1979
CDW Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/1978/PART I CEW -320Big diameter ERW PipesIS 3589
Alloy Steel Seamless PipesASTM 335-P-1, P-5, P-11, P-22, P-9M.S- Square & Redangulr SectionISS 4923/ASTM-A500
Alloy Steel Seamless TubesASTM 213 T-11, T-22 ASTM 209 T-1M.S. General Engineering TubesBSS/1775, IS 3074
 DIN 17175 GRADE 3 15 Mo3. ISS 4711, ISS 3601
 ASTM 200 P-4, P5, PI 1, P22, P-7, P-9ERW Air Heater TubesBS/1775/ERW 11
 ASTM 199 P-4, P5, P11, P22, P-7, P-9  


Oil & Gas SectorAPI5L
 IS1978, 1979
Automotive IndustryBS6323 (Pt.-V)
 IS3601, 3074
Hydrocarbon & Process IndustryASTMA-53
Boiler Heat Exchanger,ASTMA-178, A-214, A-333, A-334
Superheater, Air HeaterBS3059 (P-1 & P-II), 6323 (Pt.-V)
& CondenserIS1914 (Pt-IV), 2416 (Pt-IV) 11714 (Pt-III)
RailwayIS1239 (Pt-I),1161
Mechanical, StructuralIS1161, 3601
& General EngineeringBS6323 (Pt-V)
Water, Gas & SewageIS3589, 1239 (Pt.-I)
 DIN2440, 2441
Water WellIS4270
Square and RectangularIS4923
Hollow Sections forASTM500
StructuralDIN2395, 2906
Tubular Steel PolesIS2713 (I&II)
for overhead power lines  


    Mild Steel ERW Pipes
    Boiler Tubes - ERW
    Boiler Tubes - Seamless
    Seamless Pipes - Carbon Steel
    Seamless Pipes - Alloy Steel
    Carbon/Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes
    Square & Rectangular Sections
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