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Products Specifications


  1. Price List for ERW Pipes
  2. Price List for Seamless Pipes
  3. Price List for Boiler Tubes Seamless
  4. Price List for Boiler Tubes ERW


Carbon Steel ERW IBRASTM A 53 Grade A/BLow Temperature Seamless PipesASTMA 333 Grade 6
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes IBRASTM A 106 Grade BLow Temperature Seamless TubesASTM A 334 Grade I
Carbon Steel Seamless Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/68/ Part I/CDS/ST-33Heat Exchange TubesASTMA 179/ AST MA-214
 BS/3059/68/ Part I/HFS/ST-33API Line PipesAPI 5 L Grade B
Seamless Boiler TubesASTM 210 A-1/DIN 17175/ST 35-BM S E R W Pipes1239 Port 1-1979
ERW Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/1978/PART I ERW -320Hot Deep Galvanised PipesIS 1239 Part 1-1979
CDW Boiler Tubes IBRBS/3059/1978/PART I CEW -320Big diameter ERW PipesIS 3589
Alloy Steel Seamless PipesASTM 335-P-1, P-5, P-11, P-22, P-9M.S- Square & Redangulr SectionISS 4923/ASTM-A500
Alloy Steel Seamless TubesASTM 213 T-11, T-22 ASTM 209 T-1M.S. General Engineering TubesBSS/1775, IS 3074
 DIN 17175 GRADE 3 15 Mo3. ISS 4711, ISS 3601
 ASTM 200 P-4, P5, PI 1, P22, P-7, P-9ERW Air Heater TubesBS/1775/ERW 11
 ASTM 199 P-4, P5, P11, P22, P-7, P-9  


Oil & Gas SectorAPI5L
 IS1978, 1979
Automotive IndustryBS6323 (Pt.-V)
 IS3601, 3074
Hydrocarbon & Process IndustryASTMA-53
Boiler Heat Exchanger,ASTMA-178, A-214, A-333, A-334
Superheater, Air HeaterBS3059 (P-1 & P-II), 6323 (Pt.-V)
& CondenserIS1914 (Pt-IV), 2416 (Pt-IV) 11714 (Pt-III)
RailwayIS1239 (Pt-I),1161
Mechanical, StructuralIS1161, 3601
& General EngineeringBS6323 (Pt-V)
Water, Gas & SewageIS3589, 1239 (Pt.-I)
 DIN2440, 2441
Water WellIS4270
Square and RectangularIS4923
Hollow Sections forASTM500
StructuralDIN2395, 2906
Tubular Steel PolesIS2713 (I&II)
for overhead power lines  


    Mild Steel ERW Pipes
    Boiler Tubes - ERW
    Boiler Tubes - Seamless
    Seamless Pipes - Carbon Steel
    Seamless Pipes - Alloy Steel
    Carbon/Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes
    Square & Rectangular Sections
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